Friday, October 15, 2010

How To Use Those Old Corks!

I have always been interested in the different ways people recycle and reuse things for the sake of art.  Metal craft is okay, kinda overdone....  Here in New Orleans, a lot of people do interesting artwork with recycled glass bottles and bottle caps so I guess this is kinda similar.  You know, cork, cap, same thing....

So here are five interesting uses that people have done with their corks that are just a little above and beyond.

I can't really imagine this one being all too comfortable but nonetheless it is very impressive.

 Now this one I actually kinda like. 
 Even though in this picture it seems that they have used it for a bathroom rug.

An urn.  Why not?
Pictured here is Steven Leslie who makes all sorts of cork art.
You can view them at his website http://www.oneofacork.com/

A cork cow.  I would love it I could squeeze Cabernet from those things.

And finally a grand cork mosaic.
I think I'll just stick to supplying these fine people with used corks....


  1. Wow, that's amazing, especially that last one

  2. My girlfriend and I use all of our corks to fill up shadow boxes.

  3. amazing art piece.
    Cork chair too...should be comfy

  4. This post is amazing, awesome pics and ideas!

  5. @ The Angry Vegetarian - Yeah same here. But after the first one it's like "WHAT DO WE DO?!!"

  6. holy balls thats innovative not to mention beautiful