Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Adapting To The Times

I'm pretty sure all of you are aware that I live in Louisiana since I think I've mentioned it in almost every post I made.  Well this one is no exception.  The one downside to living in the greatest place on the entire planet, is that 73 degrees in November is considered the daily low.

Luckily, it WILL get colder sometime between now and April, and I have to prepare for that.  But what about all those summer cocktails I love so much?  And all this premium rum I have on hand, is it to go to waste?

Fret not fellow alcoholics, for I have a plan.  We simply tone our drinks to make them Holiday-like.  For instance, take that rum and use it in a creamy drink, or turn your favorite frozen summer drink into an unchilled martini or some sort.  Here's two examples of cocktails I will be fooling with over the next two months or so.

Piña Colada - Martini Style
1½ oz Pearl Coconut Vodka (or Cîroc Coconut)
1½ oz Bacardi Coconut Rum
2 oz Fresh Pineapple Juice
Cinnamon Stick for Garnish

Shake ingredients except for cinnamon over ice in two shakes and then strain into a martini glass.  Should come out very light and slightly cloudy.  The logic behind using the specific brands here is that the Pearl Coconut and Bacardi Coconut are both 80 proof and will hold a high alcohol amount after mixing.  You can sweeten it by adding a maraschino cherry but this simple recipe if done correctly will be perfect for those winter months.

1½ oz Absolut Vodka
3 oz Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice
 3/4 oz Triple Sec
Lemon Slice for rimming

You can actually just turn this into a shot by reducing the portions down, but this is a pretty versatile cocktail that is well to drink anytime of the year.  The recipe itself is the exact same for a Margarita except of course for the main spirit being change.  What's so interesting about it though, is that is really is a good stepping stone for those of you who haven't given up the summer and beach lifestyle for the snow and Christmas Carols just as of yet.

And just a little except food for thought, who amongst you have actually ever drank Four Loko?  I have just been recently required to pull all products off of my shelves and it's becoming a nationwide thing REALLY quick.  Here's a little news article I recently stumbled upon: Four Loko Bans.


  1. kamikaze is what I always drink before going to bars! Easy and require only two kind of alcohol!

  2. Kamikaze sounds freaking awesome

  3. Louisiana the greatest place on earth? Ha, try NE Ohio, oh NM, you got me there. ^_^

    On a serious note, you're missing out on snow. There's nothing more satisfying than calling off work for a few days because a blizzard hit. Plus I can spend those days drinking fine beverages by a roaring fireplace. ; )