Friday, November 26, 2010

Top Ten Beers - Part Two

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Lately I feel like I can burn through a case of each of these on any given day, so I think it's time for a much overdue update.  This is the second half of my Top Ten list of my favorite beers.  In the can, bottle, or barrel; all of these wonderful brews are worth it down to every last drop. 

#5 - Gordon Biersch Heffeweisen
A microbrewery based out of California, Gordon Biersch is working its way across the country in forms of on location microbrew restaurants and just recently they have begun a bottling process.  My first taste of REAL beer came from these guys when they opened near Harrah's Casino in New Orleans.  I was 15.  They brought out a sampler tray with six beers on six coasters.  Each coaster described the beers and you drank them.  The one I was instantly taken with was the Heffeweisen.  Although not my favorite type of beer, it was at the moment the first beer I drank and knew that this was what beer should taste like.  Aroma was full on wheat and hoppy, and the taste was strongly influenced with gentle fruit and surprisingly enough bananas.  The description on the coaster said that Heffeweisen beer was originally designed for kings, and this statement could not be any truer for I felt like a king at that moment.  Unfortunately, this is one I can't get in the bottle, but it's definitely worth the trip down to the city to get it on tap!  Follow them on Facebook, and you can receive a coupon for free Garlic Fries!
Pairs perfectly with gourmet pizza and Asian stir-fry.

#4 - Rogue Dead Guy Ale
A seriously good beer.  Very refined and smooth, doubly so when poured on tap.  The brewers over at Rogue have been doing their thing and doing it well in almost every style of beer on market.  Gaining critical acclaim from their wild brews like Yellow Snow IPA, Chocolate Stout, Mocha Porter, and Iron Chef Morimoto's Imperial Pilsner.  Their Dead Guy Ale, however, is the shining star of their flagships beers.  The superior quality of which has been modified into other brews like the Double Dead Guy and the John John Ale (which is infused with whiskey that was distilled with Dead Guy's wort!) This would have easily been a little higher on the list if not for the price, it can reach nearly $7 a bottle or $8 a pint in some places.  It has become the standby for me when I go out with the guys.  We normally go to the Barley Oak, an old fashioned tap house on the Lakefront that supplied nearly hundreds of beer.  Even with all that variety, I somehow end up getting the same damn thing every time....  It's either this, or #2 on this list.
Pairs great with grilled sausages and sauerkraut.

#3 - Abita Strawberry Lager
This sounds a little sketchy to people from the outside, but within the Greater New Orleans area, everyone knows that this once a year brew is so good that you'd kill for it.  Made with just hops, malted barley, yeast, spring water from the Abita Springs, and fresh Pontchatula strawberries.  Every year, I can expect to sell about 250-300 six packs a month for the three months that its actually available.  It's just that big of a deal.  Likewise, this one would be higher, not because of the price, but the availability sucks.  The quality is well worth it though. Underneath the beautifully sweet strawberry taste is a rich plethora of light malts and gentle hops.  If you're ever in the area, check it out.
Drink with Fried Chicken and Red Beans

#2 - Abita Andygator
I've mentioned it in one of my past blogs but its worth mentioning again.  This beer hands down rocks.  A Helles Dopplebock that is a cool balance of malt and hop with an intense bit.  Very fragrant of rye and grains of paradise, it drinks with the smooth flavor of wheat and berries.  A serious beast that will grab you by the feet and keep dragging you down with it; one sip will have you craving a second bottle long before you even finish the first.  A pint bottle filled with 8% ABV of pure goodness.
Pairs well with Buffalo Wings, Cheese Fries and any kind of bar food in general.

#1 - Abita Amber and Abita Turbodog.
I'm just a sucker for Abita.  Living so close to the brewery has given me the opportunity to drink beer so fresh that it will bring tears to your eyes.  But of their main line of fine brews, these two stand out the greatest of all. The Amber is brewed in the tradition of a good quality German Marzen, and Turbodog is killer ale brewed with extra dark roasted malts.  I swear if I had a kegerator at home, either one of these would always be on tap for me.
Best to drink with Jamabalaya, Gumbo, and Crawfish Boils!

Hope you're not too hungover from Thanksgiving to kick back a few brews.  I'll be working on the wine list soon but in the mean time I have a few new wine to share with you along with some more cocktail recipes that are to die for.


  1. So, ever heard of Abita's beer? ;)

    I never got any from this brand, I'll try to get my hand on one! About the latest poll, I voted for sparkling because whenever I get a bottle, my night always ends well! Otherwise I would had picked white wine since I mostly buy this. Mostly if it got some green apple aroma!

  2. I got to try abita beer one day it sounds good! I voted ::)

  3. I love Abita products. Purple Haze is by far my favorite ale. Abita is hard to find up north.... But I fully agree with you

  4. i know my local beer and wine store's inventory by heart, and they don't have any of those.


  5. huh? ill take a 10+ chevas please :)

  6. I voted man.
    I'd like to try Dead Guy one :P

  7. Voted. thanks for the list. sounds like some great stuff

  8. These sound very nice, maybe I sould drink more.

  9. I should be more adventurous with American beer.

  10. MMM! Some of those sound so amazing! Great post.

  11. ive never heard of any of these beers. the best beer is the cheapest one imo :D

  12. here in brazil is quite difficoult to find good beers
    in the moment i'm drinking bohemia's pilsen one; is one of brazil's better, but still tastes watered

  13. wow i havent even heard of any of these lol.

  14. Well, I now have a list of new beers to try. Now the hard part...finding them.

  15. Could never be her mild companion. Following!

  16. #3, the strawberry one, sounds really good.

  17. Voted. And, again - I've had Abita "Purple Haze", but that's the only one I've messed with.

  18. I need to try the Andygator (haven't you mentioned that before?) and the strawberry ale. The rest I've had and really loved.

  19. Oh, and do you think someone in North Texas could get their hands on the strawberry lager? I'm never in Louisiana, but that sounds friggin awesome.