Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Boy and His Blog

Today I actually got to enjoy yet another day off of work.  Not going to get used to this feeling any time soon with the holidays and whatnot coming up.  One thing I can marvel over is that we decided to get a Wii. One game that has caught my heart by marketing it directly to my longing sense for nostalgia, is A Boy and His Blob.  Good Lord I loved this game as a child, and the new one is just as silly, challenging and cute as the first.

For anyone who has not played it before (new or old) the concept is pretty simple.  A boy and his white blob set out for adventure, feeding him jellybeans along the way which allows the cute gelatinous ball to transform into a variety of useful tools and shapes.  One neat little feature they added to this game is the ability to hug the blob.  Really, it pulls at the heart strings a lot.

In commemoration of my favorite jellybean in the game, Root Beer, I whipped up a very interesting little blend that I drank while playing the game.

Root Beer Jelly Bean
12oz Pure Cane Root Beer (like Abita or Jones)
3oz White Rum
1oz Bourbon
1oz Southern Comfort

Mix the rum, bourbon and SoCo in a frozen beer mug and pour root beer on top for a frothy and frosty drink!

Not my usual blog, but I hope you guys enjoy my video game review!  Also, check out this drink, I think you'll love it!

Bon boire et joue!


  1. rootbeer Jellybean? May have to try that.....

  2. This game sounds cool I'll check it out sometime :D

  3. i can almost taste it! i'll have to try that

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  5. I am going to get the ingredients to make this right now. I am also weak to nostalgic things like this, so I get that. I've been pining for an original NES for a while now.

  6. That sounds great. Tempted to have a go. Diet Barq's & Bowmore is the nearest I have to any of the ingredients though.

    Breakfast of Champions™

  7. never played, i might search for it after the holidays...who knows ;)
    also, that drink sounds awesome for brazilian fucking (naked-hot) summer

  8. Cool game, is there an online version we can play? Root Beer Jelly Bean must taste great as well.

  9. I've never tried root beer, where could I get it?

  10. Ok 1st, I have a Wii, but have the hardest time finding games I enjoy... with the kids... I will have to look for Boy/Blob. 2nd, I LOVE Root beer... really. Usually I just chase Jager with Barqs (yes I'm a sissy and use a chaser), but with the holidays coming up I really want something new and your Root Beer Jelly Bean sounds YUM! So Thank You Twice and have a wonderful day. :)

  11. I barely remember playing the original. I want to play the Wii version but doubt I'll ever be able to. And thank you for the root beer cocktail, I loooooove root beer. I can't wait to try it!