Monday, February 7, 2011

Almond Joy Martini

Oh yeah, this thing is as deadly and delicious as it sounds.
My good friend Leslie, her fiancée, and their son came over to have dinner with my wife and I.  She cooked a baked bell pepper, stuffed with a jambalaya-based stuffing along with some fresh veggies and a heaping mess of good stuff.
Well my dilemma came about when I couldn't figure out what wine to serve with such a fresh meal, but was quickly served when I realized that nobody really wanted wine meal, but requested a simple little snack drink afterwards.

Now, a normal Almond Joy is a shot made from equal parts of Creme de Cacao, Coconut Rum, and Amaretto liqueur.  Now the insane way to do it is to pour it like this - (CdC - CoCo - Am - Coco - Cdc).

Although this is a fun and tasty shot, I decided to play around with it a little bit and stretch it out into a martini.

Almond Joy Martini (or Mounds)
My wife and Leslie enjoying their Almond Joys!
2oz Perfect Vodka
½oz Coconut Cream (I prefer Reâl)
2oz 2% or Fat Free Milk (You can use cream if you want)
½oz Chocolate Syrup
optional, Amaretto Flavored Whipped Lightening or Disarrono to drizzle

Simple enough, shake everything you've got minus the Amaretto in a cocktail shaker with finely cracked ice (Once again, I am a nut on cracked ice because of the quality level it gives the drink) and pour into a martini glass with a shaved chocolate rim.  Add a quick dot of the Whipped Lightening or a short drizzle of Disarono for garnish.  But it does all depend on whether you feel like a nut, or you don't.

Casey and I prefer straight vodka or Bourbon while watching the Three Stooges.

Hope you've enjoyed this wonderful little drink.  And I can give you a tip, if you want a dangerously smooth drink without all the fuss, mix a can of Yoo-Hoo with some Amaretto and Coconut rum.  Sweet stuff.  A real good treat for anyone looking for a good martini for Valentine's day.

Bon Boire!