Friday, February 25, 2011

Another Ghostly Cocktail Party!

Tonight, yet another episode of Ghost Adventures comes on the Travel Channel (sorry for saying SyFy last time, I was still hung up on a Twilight Zone marathon).  So my good friend Sharon from Ghost Hunting Theories asked me to do yet another series of shots and drinks that you can indulge in during the festivities!

This week's episode takes place in an abandoned copper mine! And I've dug up some old recipes that are sure to please along with the show.
Whiskey and Tequila are both big in the Southwest, so expect to do some heavy drinking.

½oz Ginger Ale
1½oz Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey

Nothing really screams a good time like Jack Daniels.  Although not a go-to whiskey of choice for me, their truly is a unique taste about good old Jack.  This is a pretty neat little cocktail with a full on sweet and smoky flavor that would be easy to shoot and keep it coming.

Six Shooter
1 Part Kahlua Coffee Liqueur
1 Part Butterscotch Schnapps 
1 Part Amaretto
1 Part Bailey's Irish Cream
1 Part Goldschlager Cinnamon Schnapps
1 Part el Jimador Reposado Tequila

Not as crazy as it sounds but it's sweet and smooth.  Just mix this bad boy together, shove it in the freezer and let the party begin.  Wanna have a little more fun?  Have a standoff with some plastic squirt guns filled up.

Not too difficult, but take a few good shots during the show and you'll be having a Ghost adventure of your own.  Next post is number 100!!!  Shoot me some ideas of what I should have and I'll included them in.  Until next time,
Bon Boire!


  1. YUM, the Six Shooter sounds perfect!

  2. Awesome! I actually just got the ingredients for the Copperhead. Yahoo! Thanks for the awesome suggestions.

  3. The cooperhead sounds like my type of drink since I love ginger ale :D

  4. I've had a Copperhead, but at the time it was called a "Gatsby."
    Paranormal? I'll drink to that.

  5. oo scary! glad I'm following you.

  6. I love the kahlua one, the dude abides

  7. I'm gonna get drunk on Copperheads tonight!

  8. I'm gonna substitute the Jack with some Wild Turkey 101, mmmmk?

  9. The Six Shooter does sound crazy, but I'm dying to try it.

  10. awesome I love your creativity!