Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fun Facts About Alcohol

Too busy with so many things right now so I have a neat little collection of facts you probably didn't know about alcohol.

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President Lyndon B. Johnson's favorite drink may have been scotch and soda. He would ride around his Texas ranch in an open convertible in hot weather. He drank his "scotch and soda out of a large white plastic foam cup. Periodically, Johnson would slow down and hold his left arm outside the car, shaking the cup and ice. A Secret Service agent would run up to the car, take the cup and go back to the station wagon (following the President's car). There another agent would refill it with ice, scotch, and soda as the first agent trotted behind the wagon. then the first agent would run the refilled cup up to LBJ's outstretched hand, as the President's car moved slowly forward.

Adding a miniature onion to a martini turns it into a Gibson.

The longest bar in the world is 684 feet (or about 208.5 meters) long and is located at the New Bulldog in Rock Island, Illinois.

A drinking establishment is now located in the New York City building that once housed the National Temperance Society.

The body or lightness of whiskey is primarily determined by the size of the grain from which it is made; the larger the grain, the lighter the whiskey. For example, whiskey made from rye, with its small grain size, is bigger or fuller-bodied than is whiskey made from corn, with its large grain size.

Each molecule of alcohol is less than a billionth of a meter long and consists of a few atoms of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. (Personal Fave!)

Christopher Columbus brought Sherry on his voyage to the New World.

As Magellan prepared to sail around the world in 1519, he spent more on Sherry than on weapons.

Sixty-two percent of Americans report that they have used the service of a designated driver.

The founder of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) no longer belongs to the organization. She resigned after it became increasingly anti-alcohol rather than simply anti-drunk-driving.

Vassar College was established and funded by a brewer.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President of the U.S. in 1932 on a pledge to end National Prohibition. (A TRUE AMERICAN)

During World War II, reduction of consumption activists argued that soldiers should not be permitted to drink alcohol beverages. However, General George C. Marshall, Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, insisted that such prohibition would be 'harmful to the men in the service."

The consumption of alcohol was so widespread throughout history that it has been called "a universal language."


These are just a few but i can guarantee that anytime time I'm lazy, I will post more!
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  1. I am among the 38% who hasn't used a DD.

    And at times, I probably should have. Glad to say I've never been caught!!

  2. Franklin D. Roosevelt is the man! He knew what he was doing :)

  3. LBJ and FDR are truly two of the greatest presidents.

  4. Okay, so long ago my Scottish/Irish mother told me that whiskey is spelled with an "e" when it's American made and without an "e" (whisky) when it's Irish. Is that how you can tell?

  5. "Christopher Columbus brought Sherry on his voyage to the New World."

    And she loved every minute of it! HA!