Monday, February 7, 2011

Having a Heart - Colby Red Blend

Some men dream of climbing Mount Everest, some dream of competing and winning in the Olympic Games, others dream of finding help and a cure for their children's illness.  This select class of men we like to call heroes. And winemaking let alone can make one seem heroic or epic in nature, but to do it for a more than noble and humble cause is beyond heroic. Colby Rex Groom is the son of winemaker and entrepreneur Daryl Groom. Known for his top shelf Shiraz and Sauvingnon Blanc of Barossa Valley, Australia is now producing a California Cuveé of the highest caliber for his son's foundation.

Colby Groom was diagnosed with a rare heart condition before the age of 10 and had to undergo several back to back heart surgeries.  You can help Colby and many others like him through the support of this wine. And through the antioxidant benefit of red wine, you can do yourself and others justice in heart health.

Colby Red

Aside from being a charitable wine for a decent price, it is more than worth the $10.99 that it is priced.  A proprietorial blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Shiraz, Merlot, and Petite Sirah, Colby Red is a truly unique blend of California's star grapes. The nose is a little intense with huge vapors of potpourri and fennel but is gentle soften by its taste of fresh crimson colored cranberries and slight citrus zests.   Unfortunately for me, the Cabernet Sauvignon doesn't stand forward as the dominant grape but that is just my personal preference.  For Shiraz or Merlot Lovers out there, this is a full flavored and light bodies blend that is right up your alley.  Like I said, just missing a little oak and body, but I would highly consider keeping this commonly stocked in my cellar!

If you are looking for a bottle or two, it is a wine exclusive only to Walgreen;s in the USA, and a small wine supplier I've never heard of in Australia.

Just to note, the proceeds go towards three major international Heart Health Foundations and even supports families and anyone suffering from Heart Disease.

Have a heart and dip into a bottle of Colby Red.
Bon Boire!

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  1. A good wine for a good cause :)

  2. That's a limited release....especially since there aren't Walgreens in Canada. Gotta love dat price though.

  3. glad they got some in my home country. the price is also very attractive.

  4. Interesting idea. I like the concept and with red wine being good for the heart and some money going to charity, how can one pass that up, eh?

  5. it goes to a good cause, so i think i'll end up picking up a bottle

  6. Interesting, I do love a good wine. Following, keep em coming!