Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Even More Useless Trivia!!!

Schoolwork has been killing me guys....
Mardi Gras just passed yesterday and work hasn't been easy.  So now that all the complications with life are partly out of the way, I might actually be able to update my blog once in a while.
Right now all I can show you is this gem I used to own as a child:

And some other crap I've learned over the years:
The end of prohibition takes place on April 7th.  Celebrate by drinking!!!
• Fewer than 1.4 percent of Americans citizens entered a speakeasy during the Prohibition Era.

• During the Prohibition Era, most so-called 'bathtub gin' was actually made in a wooden wash basin.

• The Academy of Forensic Economists determined that Prohibition accounted for roughly twenty percent of the decline in tourists visiting the U.S. from England, France, Germany and Italy during the time the 18th Amendment was in effect.

• On a per capita basis, more Americans took up residence in Canada during Prohibition than during the Viet Nam Era, but not as many as during the George W. Bush administration.

• During Prohibition, Angus M. MacAngus, a dairy farmer in Lititz, PA, tried to distill urine from his diabetic cows and bulls but the sugar content was not sufficient to convert to alcohol.

Also, I need to give up something for Lent.  I'm thinking about soft drinks....
Or pretty much anything that isn't water or alcohol....

Bon Boire!!!


  1. Hey, man can live on water and alcohol. Go for it!

  2. still don't know what I'm giving up for lent....better late than never!

  3. Im giving up prostitution for Lent

  4. Cruzan's Black Cherry Rum, a splash of 151, and Dr. Pepper. I'm on #4. :D