Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

It's been too long since I've gotten to update.  I might just start doing much smaller ones so I can keep it on a roll and keep everyone posted.  But i can say that for this St. Patrick's Day, I am going to enjoy a nice evening with my wife.  She's cooking Shepard's Pie and I'm drinking an Irish Car Bomb.  Hope y'all have a good one, and don't drink too many green beers.

Irish Car Bomb
16oz Can Guinness Draught
1½oz Carolan's Irish Cream
½oz Jameson Irish Whisky

Like always, there is a method to my madness.  I chose these specific ingredients for quite a few reasons.  I find the Guinness in the can to be more like the actual beer on tap, rather than out of the bottle and Carolan's has a much more creamier essence than Bailey's and stands up to the beer better.  And Jameson because it's what I'm used to.

First, pour the Stout into a pint glass (or a little larger, you need room for the shot glass) and shake the whisky and cream over ice and strain into a shot glass.  Drop the shot glass into the pint of Stout and drink it all down quick!

Liquid Gold...

Grá Deoch!


  1. Have a good one! That car bomb is da bomb! I gotta try that. Thanks!

  2. Is it okay if I just amuse myself with hot cocoa with a shot of amaretto in it? I know it's not overly Irish but it's what I've got.

  3. i think im about to go get a guiness

  4. I am the local king of Irish car bombs around here. I have no proof for you.

  5. I think my friend had something like this a few nights ago.

  6. I had a few too many of those last night.