Saturday, May 7, 2011

Brewing Update

So the initial brew would have been good except for two factors that played into our demise:

The carboy was not airtight (still can't figure out what happened) so now we are upgrading to a REAL fermentation system


The bottles did not seal airtight for some reason.  Same thing, not exactly sure why this didn't come out correctly but we are working on finding a solution soon.

And I will post some pictures soon, our "photographer"  decided to bust out his iPhone after a few pours of Bourbon and some antics soon followed.  Including a 300 style fight waged between myself and Lawrence, a fellow brewer.

Pot covers and whisks are excellent Spartan shields and swords.

Bon Boire!


  1. well you cant win them all... hope the beer comes out good this time! :D

  2. Those pictures sound like something I would want to see...

  3. Cool... I wish you all success.

  4. airtight is overrated for fermentation.
    The C02 will act as a protective layer against oxidation.

    The bottles not being airtight is a problem though. Hopefully the solution is simple. : )