Friday, May 20, 2011

Vacation is Imminent!

My lovely wife and I are finally getting the vacation we are grossly overdue for.
We are leaving Sunday to go on a seven day cruise on Norwegian Cruise Lines in the Caribbean.  Although this trip will have a serious lack of pirates, we will however be able to visit Costa Maya, Belizé, Honduras, and Mexico.

And yes, that means plenty of updates as soon as we get back!

Right now I am sipping a homemade Margarita in preparation for a week long of cheaply made RTD's.
Here's an easy recipe for you folks!

REAL Margarita
2oz Gran Centenario Azul Reposado Tequila
1 whole lime, cut and juiced
½oz Simple Syrup
½oz Grand Marnier

Don't even ice.  Just swirl everything around in the glass, and you'll get all the zesty sweet flavors of your average margarita, while still being able to enjoy the luster of the Tequila.

Also be sure to check out my good friend Lacey over at her new blog which you can access by clicking HERE!!!

Bon Boire!


  1. That sounds yummy. I've noticed most things lose flavor after they're chilled or iced--does this mean no one really likes the flavor of white wine?

  2. i'm 9 beers deep right now, so i think 'im done for the night. but good mix to have on hand anyways. have fun on your vacation!

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  4. Where has this blog been all my life. Thank you Liquor Guy for giving me yet another excuse to drink. Tonights excuse, "Well Liquor guy posted a new recipe, I have to try it."

  5. I have an easier recipe: Beer/ :D

    Enjoy your trip.

  6. Do you prefer red or green margaritas?