Thursday, June 30, 2011

Small Update

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My health is getting slightly better but definitely a lot better than four days ago when the flareups started. I think I might go back to my idea of a "Beer and Bacon" diet I had about a year ago where I focus more on a rich fiber, moderate fat, and high protein diet.  It doesn't sound like a winner to most but for someone suffering with such a fucked up conundrum of a disease, it makes an ironic amount of sense.

One thing I can totally drop on you guys though is some of the non-alcoholic things I've been consuming lately.

Fentiman's Curiosity Cola

Pretty interesting stuff and obviously as the name implies, it dives right into your curios side as to what makes it an old fashioned cola is the actual Kola nut sort of taste and a melange of herbs and spices with just a moderate amount of sweetness.  It is about the closest thing I can find to a man's drink without the addition of hard liquor.  The best way I can summarize it is by referencing it to a spiced rum like Kraken where the cinnamon and anise seeps through more than vanilla and clove.

Orca Beverage Company Double Cola
More of a smokey and caramel flavor as opposed to the cola flavor.  Not that it's a bad thing because of instead of focusing on the spice and fragrance, it focuses on what all American's love: SUGAR.  YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!  As the label clearly states, "Double the Measure, Double the Pleasure."
It really is like drinking two cola's at once.

Listen up kids, this ain't yo pappy's pop.  Down here we call everything Coke, but honestly, Coke does not have shit on these boys.

Hope you enjoy.  And if you don't, they mix very well with rum.
Bon Boire!


  1. I need to find me some of that Curiosity Cola.

  2. That looks pretty good actually!:)

  3. I love Fentiman's ginger beer! I had it a lot when I was in England

  4. i dont think i would drink anything called "curiosity" anything :)

  5. Sounds Decent at the very least.

  6. Hmm. Sounds good. I have a friend who told me I should get into home brewing. I've made healing teas for years and some are very popular like PMS tea and Sleepy Guy tea and Arousal tea. I considered how interesting it would be to put these elements into a beer. Win/Win--beer and curative. Hmm....

  7. Curiosity cola looks delicious

  8. Non-alcoholic? PASS. (Although I do love me some sugar, baby.)