Thursday, July 28, 2011

Homebrew Update

So the boys and I decided on a few business moves with the brewing situation and I think we covered nearly everything from grain cost to storage facilitation.

One of our original intents was to go with one company's mini-brew system which included a 6.5gallon conical fermenter for a little less than $300 but now it looks like for about the same money, we can invest into 2 - 6gallon STAINLESS STEEL FERMENTERS!!!!

So this is exciting.  Like ice cream on a hot day exciting.

I'll let you all know what turns out but we're still waiting on a shipment of grain to get here......
In the mean time, I'm eating a burger stuffed with bleu cheese and bacon!
Bon Boire!


  1. sounds like fun; im a jalepeno cheese burger guy myself.

  2. Sweeeet!! Keep on brewin! :D

  3. Num, num, num--burger sounds good. Oh, and the beer--I have no doubt that'll be delish!

  4. This is the second blogger I've found doing home made brewage, awesome. Sounds like you got some hardcore equipment there too.

    Lemme know how it turns out, make some strong stuff!

  5. Good stuff, glad to hear its going well. I've been wanting to do my own home brewing...just don't have enough space yet.