Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jewbelation Vertical

He'Brew's latest little gem to me is a little bit of a let down but then again it just really wasn't what I was looking for.  I was more or less expecting something more like Arrogant Bastard's Vertical but it was WAY too malty for me.  It honestly had a serious undertone of Rye Whiskey that had been sweetened beyond belief and then blended into a almost porter/ stout like consistency.  Some of you might find comfort in a brew like this, but I really could not handle the sweetness of it.

I would recommend it for anyone who likes American Wild Ales like Arrogant Bastard or Dead Guy but not so bitter.  Otherwise, I don't think it would be worth the $10 a bottle.

Bon Boire!


  1. HeBrew! lol. Nice little play on words. :p

  2. if im an arrogant bastard? you think ill like it?