Monday, April 18, 2011

Am I Just Insane?

So to make up for the fact that i haven't update my blog in forever and a day, I might actually open a SECOND BLOG!!!

The reason?
Because on top of being married, working 45 hours a week, attending class 15 hours a week, owning and maintaining a house and everything else I'm doing in life; why shouldn't I busy myself even more?

Because I want to start brewing.
Like seriously full on make some beer for all to enjoy, and I want to blog about it.

But I do have a lot of promises I need to make up to all of you including my bourbon reviews and even some seriously good wine reviews coming up.

In the mean time, check out this label I made, I think it should sum up everything I expect in my future beer.

Bon Boire!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bourbon Tasting Tonight!!!

So I am having one of my highly esteemed friends coming over tonight with his fiancée to have dinner with my wife and I.  Afterwards, we are sampling the dozen or so Bourbons I have in my collection, along with a few heavily aged rums.

i will be more than happy to post the results when I am sober enough to do so.
Bon Boire!