Sunday, July 31, 2011


Waiting for a friend of my wife and I to come over and have dinner tonight.  We're going to a lovely Thai restaurant that's fairly close to us.

Cut the grass, had a few beers...

No real update so instead I bring you this:

Bon boire!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Skyy Dragonfruit Vodka

Before anyone else asks, yes, there is such a thing as Dragonfruit, and yes it is delicious.  They are nearly impossible to find unless you're willing to dish out some cash.  I think a 3lb batch of dragonfruit will run you somewhere in the neighborhood of about $40.

But that's all besides the point.  Why buy fresh dragonfruit and have to do all that exhausting chewing, when you can just drink it?  AND NOW YOU CAN!!!

Skyy's latest addition to their line of insanely flavored beverages (along with blood orange and pineapple), is what I actually believe to be a REAL flavored vodka. For only about $14.99 you can pick up one of these bad boys at a store near you.  Most of these flavored vodkas seem as if they are just trying to go off the deep end with flavors like bubblegum, cotton candy, bacon, gummi worms, pink lemonade, and a plethora of other children-attracting abilities, but sticking to a natural flavor like lemon and orange is getting a little overdone.  

Skyy Dragonfruit is very smooth for a flavored vodka but there is no, absolutely not a single hint of any artificial sweeteners or additional starches/ pectin to increase the body.  It drinks just as smooth as Skyy Vodka itself, but the taste is only second to none.  The flavor itself is a small cross between a  lime and strawberry, hinted with just a little bit of pink grapefruit and melon.  The nose is full of fragrant of Bird of Paradise flower and makes for a very beautiful cocktail in any fashion. but try this simple recipe I indulged in last night.

Dragonfruit Tonic Sour
3oz Skyy Dragonfruit Vodka
1oz Sweet and Sour (I use a personally mix of lemon, lime and cane sugar)
Tonic Water

This will be interesting for most, because I love implementing method on the cocktail, not just the quality of ingredients.  You are not going to shake this cocktail, but rather layer and not stir.  Fill a rocks glass with ice, pour the vodka over the ice first, followed by the sweet and sour, and using whatever room you have left in the glass to top with tonic water.  As you sip on the cocktail whether from the rim or a stirring straw, gently shake the glass every few minutes to get a little mix going over a longer period of time.

Another cocktail I can amuse you with is this bad boy here:

Cajun Ten Speed
1oz Skyy Dragonfruit Vodka
3/4oz Midori Melon Liqueur
½oz Old New Orleans Spiced Rum
½oz Malibu Black 70proof Coconut Rum

This is my modified version of a classic cocktail known as the Jamaican ten speed, which contains cream in addition to the other ingredients, but I've found little to no difference in omitting the cream.
Shake well over crushed ice and serve in a martini glass, garnished with a wedge of citrus.

Like always, I hope you enjoy this tasty beverage along with my recommendation for the cocktail. 
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Bon Boire!

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