Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wheat Beer Review

It's summer and a little intense for heavy beers but thanks to SCIENCE we have discovered a few wheat beers that are not too heavy to drinking in such miserable heat and humidity.  So I figured I could do a quick run down of some of the most available wheat beers out there that won't weigh you down as you go.

Baltika #8 Russia Wheat Beer

A pretty nice and full brew that was very heavy in wheat flavor.  Almost to the point to where is was scented with hints of Rye whiskey and flavored like a yeasty bread roll.  About as light as your average pilsner, it drinks with the body of a Belgian double or tripel.  Just a little trivia about Baltikia, it is the second largest brewery in Europe, second only to Heineken.

Cucapa Mexi Honey Wheat

From the mystical land known as Baja California, Cucapa is more or less known for their Dark and Pale Ales, but they have a pretty interesting honey wheat beer that is less focused on the typical coriander and citrus peel taste and really does focus around the honey.  Drinks smooth and light, perfect for a summer day.

The guys and I plan to start brewing our Honey Wheat on Wednesday.  Slow and cold fermented, we expect it to be light and drinkable but have a nice ABV.

Bon Boire!


  1. My friend tells me this stuff is great, I just can't get my head around the idea.