Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Berries and Boubon!!!

Alright! Time for yet another blog update from your friendly neighborhood liquor guy!
Since I have a long lasting passion for Bulleit Bourbon, it is naturally my first choice for any cocktails containing the remarkable spirit.
Although most "purists" of Bourbon would prefer to drink it straight and others even so demand that it not be chilled in any way, shape, or form;  I think even they can appreciate the simplicity and wonders behind this elegant cocktail.


You need bourbon....  Like i said, I prefer Bulleit....  Almost an even blend of corn and rye, it makes for a smooth drink.  Choose what you like but one thing is essential: Straight 90 proof Kentucky Bourbon.


3oz of your favorite bourbon  (Bulleit.......)
About 2 or 3 ripe blueberries or blackberries
A pinch of sugar (preferably raw)
A few good large ice cubes.

So like i said, it's simple.  The technique is where it's at.

Coat the berries in the sugar, just roll them around until they have a little bit of frost to them.
Drop them in the glass, follow by the ice cubes.  Very lightly, mash the cubes into the berries, forcing out just a small amount of juice.  And pour the spirit on top.

At first, you'll taste just straight whiskey.  Nice and smooth.  But shortly thereafter, it will be followed by an intense little burst of sweetness!  The effect of the juice bleeding upwards though the bourbon is amazing and the taste doubly so.

Give it a shot!  You wont be disappointed!


  1. Oh. My. God.

    I've got a corner store near here that has Bulliet on sale for $11.95. This will be my Friday night. Great stuff, man.

  2. $11.95?!! The cheapest I've ever found it was like 17.99! Where do you live?

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  4. Woooaaah, seems good! I might try one of these even if I usually don't drink much ^^

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  11. I've never tried a drink with any real fruit in it. I prefer drinks with soda, but this sounds pretty good. I'll be sure to try this out next party I have. I like how the drinks you list are so easy to make.

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  12. Very interesting. I'll have to try this.

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