Saturday, October 9, 2010

Feeling Kinda Dead....

Had a pretty intense week with the holidays right around the corner.  A lot of interesting new gift packages out there for all you hard liquor fans, including one thing I find really impressive:  a tequila with devil horn shot glasses.

Besides the point of trivial bullshit neatly packed into a friendly little box, the holidays (or OND as we lazily call it) are the perfect time to stock up on liquor.  Everything is usually marked anywhere from ten to fifty percent off.    If you need to stock a bar, get last minute Christmas gifts, or tell your bro that you're sorry for hitting on his wife at the Halloween party; wine and liquor gift packs are the way to go.

Because anything that needs to be said to anyone, can easily be done so with gratuitous amounts of alcohol.  And she talked to me first, asshole.  But one of my favorite things about these free gifts packs: a good way to get all sorts of free glassware that you dont have to feel bad about when you're drunken college buddies intentionally throw them at the wall during a bourbon induced trance.  Aside from all the useless stuff they throw in, you can really find a few gems out there.  Last year, Grey Goose vodka came with a free stainless steel shaker, which to this day has been through Hell and high water and still comes to my aid.

So if you see any of these marvelous deals floating around your liquor wine and liquor stores, give them a try.  Most are definitely worth it, and the best part is that there's no extra charge.  Hence the "free" part.
Keep posted guys.



  1. man... hitting on a brothers wife isn't cool.
    even if they to you first.

  2. Hey man great read. You should do a review on Johnnie Walker black label

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  4. I'm not feeling lively either. It sucks.

  5. shame man, me too, let myself sleep 12 hours today :P

  6. yup, I always look for deals on liquor

    checkout Enhanced by MS Paint :)

  7. Hmm, maybe you should post pics of the free stuff.

  8. Don't worry bra, take it easy :D
    Good post, nice blog.

    Follow and supp you.

  9. I always loved the little gift baskets. When I worked at a liquor store we would sometimes break down the packages and sell whatever it came with. Anything we didn't sell I'd get to take :)

  10. @The Angry Vegetarian - Totally there bro! Especially when it came to Jack Daniels Stuff. I would make up an entire collection of different things, and sell them at yard sales! God I love the South.

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  12. thanks for the advice, i'll keep an eye out.


  13. I've found that the clearance rack at the local Walmart is a great source of alcohol deals

  14. very interesting man....good job