Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Herbal Healing

So lately I've been going through a phase of mixing my energy drinks with herbal liqueurs.  I know this is nothing new but still, mixing herbal liqueurs and energy drinks is about as American as apple pie, baseball, and filing frivolous lawsuits..  I usually shy away from this concoction because it winds up being a little too heavy to drink, but I've found a couple good mixes that aren't half bad.  Here's a few for those over the top Christmas parties!

Classic Jager Bomb
Shot of Jagermeister Herbal Liqueur
Half Can of Red Bull

Most of this drink's potency is in the chemistry.  You need to place both in the freezer until very cold and the Red Bull is almost like a slushie.  Jager and Red Bull seem to blend so well together because of the deep dark flavors of the Jager and the sharp citrus acidity for the Red Bull.  Mix both together and drink down quick.

Lamborghini Drag Race
3oz Sambuca
16oz Monster Java Mocha or Vanilla

There is an interesting alternative to this called the Flaming Lamborghini that includes overproofed rum, but this classic has been improved with the addition of everybody's favorite mind-altering chemical: Caffeine!  An easy to make drink that can be further improved by throwing everything into a blender with some ice.

Liquid Cocaine, 8-Ball Style
½oz Amaretto
½oz Triple Sec
½oz Southern Comfort Peach Liqueur
½oz Peach Schnapps
8oz Rockstar Energy Drink

Shake the first four ingredients over ice and strain into a beer mug while simultaneously pouring the Rockstar. If you want to make it flaming, just float 1/2oz of Bacardi 151 on top and ignite with caution.

Well i hope you've enjoyed.  I will have a more serious update tomorrow.  But for today, I definitely needed all three of these....
For lack of a better post, I leave you with this:
Mobile Jager Bomb.
Bon Boire!


  1. That is the greatest tactical drinking vest ever.

  2. awesome picture.

    also, if you are doing jager bombs, it is required to get a haircut before hand, becuase you will probably get laid that night.

    (google jager bomb video)

  3. For even better results, try RedRain over RedBull! The second recipe doesn't looks that good but I'll sure give a try at that third one.

    I might also try to build one of these war suit for heavy drinking nights! Looks amazing haha

  4. That doesn't really look healthy...

  5. Jagger is the ultimate cough medicine. Works for me always. Im surpised you left the gins out/

  6. Lamborghini Drag Race sounds delicious. i'm a big fan of vodka and redbull

  7. That jagger bomb picture is actually pretty hilarious, too bad i hate the taste of jagger.

  8. will come in handy when the Fourloko ban kicks in. My dad always brought a thermos of hot coffee out to the deer stand, and splashed in a shot of Wild Turkey for added warmth. Not sure how it affected his aim, but we always had fun.

  9. Herbal in the shower, for another half and hour!

  10. Haha that vest is pro. And if you can down a jager bomb without the shot glass hitting you in the face it means you aren't drunk enough yet.

  11. the jager bomb seems easy to make, will try that someday. my fav is sex on the beach

  12. Those sound pretty good, minus the Jager bomb. I was never a fan of those because I hate Red Bull. The others I will definitely try :)

  13. Jager Bombs are great until you finally crash, then it's usually time to hurt and throw up for a couple hours.

    Still love em though, just in severe moderation. :(

  14. That is a great halloween costume idea. Just don't walk into a federal building.