Monday, November 1, 2010

I Need to Get Back To Work!

For those of you have have been down with my blog and supporting me throughout (I love you...), you've known that my wife and I were in the porcess of getting a house.  Well I am proud to say that not only are we signed and all, but we are completely moved in.  And despite the place looking like a preview of the next episode of hoarders, it is a dream land.

I promise I'll have an update, hopefully by tomorrow, but for right now just sit tight!
Here's just a glimpse of what I have coming:

  • A Few Good Beers
  • Red Blends Part II
  • Beaujolais Nouveau - What it is and is it worth it?
  • Thanksgiving Spread
  • Winter Whites
  • Perfect Christmas Wines and Spirits (Including upcoming gift packs!)
  • A Brief History of Sparkling Wine
  • Curing the New Year Hangover
  • And many more recipes!!!
So just to fill in for all the time I have missed on, let me indulge you all with a little story.

Turtle Bay Blues

Back before my wife and I were even dating, we were the best of friends. So good, that we wanted to hook each other up with some of our friends.  We meet at a bar on the cleaner part of the French Quarter called Turtle Bay, and the bartender looks like David Bowie.  Not in a bad way, but like in a Labyrinth kind of way.  She really seemed to know what she was doing, and between the drinks and the bar food, this placfe was definitely worth the stop.  She gave us a super sweet Long Island Ice Tea, and a double neat bourbon.  After a few drinks, Crystal (my wife) and I are a little tipsy.  Considering that her friend was already in a relationship, and mine turned to have other interests, we decided to keep on drinking and eventually took the whole crew barhopping.
We came to one great bar, a few streets over on Bourbon St.  The place was amazing, I've never been in it before and was shocked that I could ever pass up such a clean and nice place.  While the girls are in the bathroom, Clay (my friend) and I are waiting by a column for them to get out.  As we're waiting, a guy comes up and asks, "Hey, can I get you guys a drink?"  Not thinking (cause I was already off) "No thanks, bro.  I'm straight..."  He responds, "YOU COULD HAVE JUST SAID NO ASSHOLE!!!"

Then it dawned on me.

The cheap drinks, the loud music, the assless chaps....

"Clay....  I think this is a gay bar."
"Really?  What makes you think that?"
"Those two dudes making out could be a clue, but I'm not a hundred percent sure...."

I felt so bad for that guy.  But hey, it's just the way I talk.
If anyone wants to offer me a drink, I would gladly accept it any other day, but right now, no thanks bro, I'm straight.