Monday, November 29, 2010

Top Ten - Wines!

This one is going to be tough.  I mean really tough, because I spend a good 75% of my day at and away from work recommending wines to people.  And I don't necessarily recommend them according to my preference but by judging what theirs might be.
For me personally, releasing a top ten list of wine is going to be a huge challenge and I more or less will list a few that might not need to be on the list.  And of course I'm going to miss a few that need to be on here as well.  I wish i could just do like a Top 50! But that's more typing than my laziness will permit me to do.

Instead I'm going to make a few lists....
Top Ten Reds
Top Ten Whites
Top Ten Champagnes/ Others

"Others?  You mean blush?"
Nope!  Well, yeah, but there are other wines that would be considered others:  Ports, Marsala, Sherry, Fruit Wines, Blush, Sake, and I guess you get the point.

Stay tuned!  I will have the first up by 8pm tonight!


  1. First. Had some red wine last nite actually.

  2. Second! I want to see the others so bad!!!!

  3. aw man i havnt had any good wines in a minute.

  4. i'm just starting to get into wine, but don't know much about it. i've always been a beer man myself. i've just been trying local wineries which i understand isn't very good lol

  5. I wish there is going to be a good white wine with green apple aromes. They're my favorites!

  6. Lookin' forward to your list, bro.