Friday, January 7, 2011


For the past couple of days, my wife and i have been watching some of our good friends' dog, Chloe.  Chloe is a sweetheart, a lovable friend, and a devious bitch.
In her honor (and because I was bored) I have made an interesting little drinks out of just three ingredients.
For shits and/or giggles, I have included this lovely little bitch along with the drink.

The Chloe

4oz Cruzan Coconut Rum
6oz Arizona Tea Company's Mucho Mango! or Mango Nectar
2oz Lime Juice

Shake it vigorously over cracked ice and strain into an iced tea glass. Garnish with a cliff hanger.

I like this cool little garnish.  It's easy to make and is a little different than just dropping the lime or lemon into the glass or making the obvious cut across the center.  It's made easy enough just by making a slight curve when you cut into it, and it kinda looks cute hanging on for dear life and whatnot.

Hope you liked this little update!
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And as always,
Bon Boire!


  1. Aw. ♥ She is such a cutie. But yeah, Totally looks like a trouble maker. lol
    And I will definitely be making this at the next study group...because the only way you can study nursing is with a few drinks. ;-)

  2. She looks like a creepy stare dog to me! Thanks for the recipe tho.

  3. This recipe doesn't sound half bad. Might have to check it out. Minus the dog, of course.

  4. Nice dog and I love Arizona Tea :D

  5. lovable friend devious bitch, sounds like an old girlfriend huh

  6. her face looks priceless, really really creep.

  7. I've never heard of Arizone Ice Tea Much Mango but it sounds great!

  8. I'd have thought that a dog would prefer egg-nog with anisette and a bacon garnish.

  9. this dog looks like "wtf dude" xD

  10. Hell of a drink.

  11. looks like a good drinking buddy

  12. wouldn't the lime juice run down the side of the glass a bit though? cute dog