Friday, January 28, 2011

Eristoff Black - Wild Berry Vodka

A follow up to the Eristoff Vodka I had mentioned in an earlier post thanks to my good friend Donnie.  Many have told me that this is nothing more than another runner-up for the legendary Smirnoff vodka, but the truth behind it is that Eristoff could easily be the next Smirnoff on a popularity level. As far as quality goes, it's hands down the winner, but the thing that really has Smirnoff at the top of the market is their wide variety of flavors including Melon, White Grape, Canned Tuna, and Pomegranate.

Well now Smirnoff is in some pretty deep shit.
This, gentlemen, is what vodka is meant to be.  This is Eristoff Black which is a TRUE infusion of Wild Berris and vodka.  Hence its still astounding 20% abv., this liqueur-type vodka is more like a Ready-to-Drink cocktail, but still holds strong when mixed or used as a normal flavored vodka in pretty much any recipe.  The liquid itself, is BLACK.  As easy as it sounds to understand, most people don't really understand how black I'm talking about.  IT IS LIKE INK.  A blackhole, a complete and total void....  This stuff is BLACK.  Most ninjas cower to the site of how black and dark this stuff really is.

The lack of alcohol, is not due to dilution, but rather the actual infusion of raw berry product, vodka, and water.  It makes this drink truly unique and unlike most anything in its family.  Literally the Black Sheep of the vodka world, I can easily see this surpassing the level of "cult classic" and becoming a mainstream beverage that will soon be at top Mixology bars, if not every bar in the country.

Note the cocktail i made here, which is pretty common of this drink, which is more of a true layered drink and holds serious barriers.

Black and Gold Lemonade
2½oz Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
2½oz Eristoff Black

Pour chilled lemonade into a rocks glass or an iced tea glass, and carefully pour the Eristoff Black on top in order to layer.

It is such a trippy taste and feeling drinking this truly impressive gem.  I can't imagine how to even start making the taste (which to me is much like a blue or purple freezepop!) but there is not way to recreate this look without adding food coloring or the like. Little sublayers of lemon and vodka and lemon and vodka come through in little sweet and tart bursts that I couldn't possibly replicate with normal ingredients. I should note, that no artificial ingredients or anything are put into this beverage which again i remind you is distilled and bottle at the Grey Goose distillery in France.

Good luck finding this where you are.  About $13-$14 so pick this up.  You won't regret it.

Bon Boire!

p.s.: Thank you Donnie.


  1. Wow definitely an interesting look

  2. This is good stuff, next time I will try with some sparkling lemonade

  3. I swear one day I'll try it!!! hopefully soon :)

    thanks for the sweet comments on my blog!
    have a nice day



  4. Since when does vodka have taste?

  5. looks tough. will have to give this one a try.

  6. yeah i dont even know what point im trying to make more than haalf the time. that vodka looks like black death

    1. You're spot on Bart about what Eristoff Black looks like, consuming it akin to sipping from a vat of kool-ade in Quyana. I missed the label noting certified colors of which this concoction is 90%,slight trace of vodka&berries. My stool was black three days. Wish me luck surviving this witches brew .

  7. yeah vodka + citrus is a great combo, i'll have to seek this out

  8. yo svedka vodka is pretty bomb man, u should try that

  9. kind of like a black lemondrop...sweet

  10. Sounds really good, gonna have to try some if I can get some.

  11. i have absolutely try it, sounds good!
    nice blog!


  12. that sounds really good but i've never ever seen this around here...

  13. I'm not really into vodka but I'll look into this :D

  14. Wow, that looks delicious. I've only ever seen Absolut Acai berry vodka at my local store. I haven't seen 'wild berry' yet.

  15. oh wow, that looks damn good. I need to look for some the next time I'm out.

  16. Nice post thanks for sharing this post , I like too... Acai Berry

  17. It does sound good and this vodka is only sold overseas. if anyone knows of it in the usa let me know. right now the shipping is higher than the bottle overseas.

  18. Well, I gave the Black and the Sloe a try; they're not bad but both have got only a mere 20% alcohol content.
    Both have got artificial coloring added including FDC yellow #5(in the Sloe)...tartrazine, rather nasty stuff.
    I tend to stay away from adulturated food and drink so I won't be buying these again. I always go for natural ingredients.
    Stupid me didn't read the ingredients before purchasing.
    I prefer to buy a pure, reasonably priced vodka; Ruskova is my current favorite. Eristoff straight
    vodka will be my next try.
    The Sloe and Black are made in France,not Russia or Georgia.

  19. This stuff is gorgeous, however as it tastes so nice you're likely to drink more of it than you normally would with other vodkas, definately worth a try if vodka is your drink of favour

  20. I've had it, and it's delish!!

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  25. OMG- just tried the wild berry- scared the s**t out of me literally- it was bright green, and then later in the day turned blue- SCARY!!!!! what the hells in their????